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Is your Painter and Decorator Qualified?

The unfortunate reality is more and more unqualified Painters and Decorators are carrying out sub-standard work these days, leaving the customer out of pocket.

There are still many who choose to work with unqualified tradespeople in order to save money. In doing so, customers risk losing money as unqualified contractors are more liable to make mistakes that can be extremely costly in the long term.

At Inxteriors we are all licenced tradesmen. We’ve all gone through extensive training to become certified—we know the safety protocols and codes needed to work safely and with quality assurance. On top of that, we’ve all trained for an important number of hours, which means we have more experience and can work more efficiently.

Yes hiring an unlicenced tradie can be cheaper, but don’t be left out of pocket with sub-standard work.

Here are some tremendous advantages of hiring Inxteriors for your Plastering, Painting, Wallpapering or Tiling
  • Fixed-Price Quote
  • Proper Preparation
  • High-Quality Finish
  • Safer Environment
  • Insured for Mishaps
  • Complete Cleanup

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Inxteriors Ltd is a trusted Dulux Accredited House Painter—it’s your assurance of a professional quality job