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No need for scaffolded handrails—we’re experts with rope and harness

Dedication to detail

Dulux Accredited House Painter

Inxteriors Ltd is a trusted Dulux Accredited House Painter—it’s your assurance of a professional quality job


Full house strip, prep and repaint.

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Wellington Road Wainui

Full repaint, total colour change inside and out to prepare for sale.

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Dulux Accredited Painter

Inxteriors Ltd is a trusted  Dulux Accredited Painter. An Accredited Painter is certified by Dulux and is strictly by invitation only. It’s your assurance of a professional quality job.

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Nocowboys & Google Reviews

Reviews are important to us—feel free to leave a review. 

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Oriental Street Petone

New build house with the existing front fascia. Make good and re-paint.

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Hataitai Wellington

Technical wallcovering application of copper throughout the paper so all electrics had to be isolated.

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We had Dave paint our house, after painting a previous property some years ago we knew we didn’t have time to do the job justice. Dave did an amazing job, the prep work was incredibly detailed and thorough, he was tidy, efficient and methodical. We were amazed at the amount of progress that we would come home to see each day, the top coat…

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Helpful Painter Decorating Tips

Ever wonder how decorators make painting a house look easy? Well there’s more to painting and decorating than what you may think! With these top tips, you may pick up a few pointers from the experts.

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Managaroa Valley Upper Hutt

Painted and wallpapered bedroom

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Flux Road Mangaroa

Full preparation and re-paint to all surfaces. Wallpaper to hallway and bedroom.

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House Painters Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Whitby

Jacinda said to ‘Keep It Local’ so we’re concentrating on Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Whitby.

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Kenepuru is our colour fo the month. Test your favourite colours at home by ordering Sample Pots and Colour Swatches from Dulux.

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