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How to Hire a Reliable House Painter

Hiring a professional painter to paint your home is not a decision to take lightly. Anyone can slap a coat of paint on, however, producing a high-quality finish requires significant expertise and experience.


Painting is a professional trade that requires training and suitable tools. Professional painters know how to properly prepare a surface, the appropriate paints to use, and how to get the job done quickly with minimal disruption.

Some pointers…

Ask about Reputation

Before you look online ask colleagues, friends, family and neighbours. Discover why they would or would not suggest various painters. Genuine advice from a trusted source is worth its weight in gold. Good house painters usually have many testimonials from other customers.

Ask for a Quote

A quote is a fixed price that should not change unless you agree to pay additional costs that were not expected at the time of the quotation. Never select a painter on price alone—the cheapest quote is seldom the best value when everything is taken into consideration. Make sure the painter visits your home to view the job in person.

Look at Experience

The painter you choose should be experienced and should have been painting houses for some years. A painters experience is reflected in the quality of their workmanship. Check their qualifications—an accredited painter is certified and is your assurance of a professional quality job.

Bonus ball

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask who will be responsible for moving furniture, covering it up, and cleaning up afterwards? Ask for a schedule. Trust your instincts—a professional house painter should be business-like, neat, on-time, and courteous—they should be prepared to answer questions and offer suggestions. They ought to be as passionate and energetic about your decorating project as you are.

The benefits of hiring a professional house painter…

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Safer & cleaner
  • Better quality

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